Prioritizing Pet Wellness Care
in Rochester, IN

Prioritizing Pet Wellness in Rochester, IN

You want your pet to stay healthy as consistently as possible, and so do we! At Fulton County Veterinary Clinic, we recommend annual pet wellness exam visits where we can check your pet from nose to tail, answer all your questions, and administer any vaccinations and other treatments to maintain their good health. We also want to use the wellness visit as an opportunity to communicate and sustain our partnership with you and your animal family member. The better we know you and your pet, the better we can help you care for them.

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Dog And Cat Wellness Care In Rochester In

Why Do Pets Need to See the Vet Every Year?

There are several important reasons we recommend seeing your pet at least once a year for their wellness check.


Preventative Care

Regular check-ups allow us to conduct preventive care, which includes vaccinations, parasite control, and advice on nutrition and weight management. This proactive approach helps prevent diseases and identifies risks before they become serious.


Early Detection

Dogs, cats, and exotics all often hide symptoms of illness. Annual exams help catch diseases early when they are usually more manageable and less expensive (and stressful) to treat. This includes screening for common conditions like dental disease, arthritis, or diabetes.

Pets Age Faster Than Humans

It’s a fact of life that pets age faster than people, meaning health issues can progress more quickly. What might seem like a minor concern could escalate into a serious condition in a matter of months.

What Do Pet Wellness Visits Include?

A typical pet wellness visit at our clinic in Rochester, IN usually includes:

  • A thorough physical examination and visual assessment of your pet
  • Checking your pet’s heart rate, respiration, body weight, and temperature
  • Answering any questions you have about your pet’s diet, behavior, training, and activity levels
  • Running lab workups to check blood and organ values and screen for parasites
  • Administering vaccinations as needed to strengthen your pet’s immunity
  • Providing you with a new supply of parasite preventives

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health? We can provide tailored advice for dogs, cats, and exotic pets of all ages. Contact us to schedule their checkup!